blue stocking social club - october 27th 09, Axis Arts Centre, CheshireHome

NEXT EVENT: Axis Arts Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University, Tuesday 27th October 2009

The blue stocking social club minces between cabaret and theatre, playing out a series of scenes around the subject of family. Mum makes hotpot. Granny is unpredictable. Jack is an aspiring performer but his voice is breaking so he’s shy. Dad is a couch politician. Friends come round. They all do a turn. There are real stories that slip through fiction. There are drinks.

We share an interest in getting together, in saying something and meaning it, in how a good singsong makes you feel better, in the moments when normal is surreal, in amateur dramatics, in punk and inappropriate behavior.

The show is never the same twice. It is always a one-night stand, although, you may fall in love.

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